Orlando Food Trucks Invasion: Tasty Tuesdays at the Milk District


If you live in the Orlando area and haven’t been to the Milk District on a Tuesday evening you really have to use your time more wisely. It’s been two days since my last visit to Tasty Tuesdays at the Milk District and I’m still fantasizing about the tastes from the Orlando Food Trucks Invasion

What is culminating every Tuesday from 6:30 p.m.-10 p.m. on East Robinson Street is an Orlando food and culture gathering of global tastes. As you arrive you will be welcomed by the bustle of food truck generators, a showcase of adorable dogs parading around and nothing but happy faces from friends and families of all ages. With about 10 different food truck options weekly, you will undergo the initial 15-20 minutes of your visit not being able to make a decision. From the southern breakfast style of Melissa’s Chicken and Waffles to the European burger creations of SwedeDISH, one finds themselves conflicted to make a decision with their belly but at the same time push to consume the never-before-eaten.

Now I understand, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the international treats and flavors in every direction. But do not fret, the majority of the Orlando food trucks present are reoccurring and they will be back in the rotation in the next week or so. During my most recent visit  I narrowed it down to two entrees and a dessert.

Soup To Nuts

Specializing in soups, specialty sides and grilled cheeses, this gluten-free and vegan option food truck caters to a spectrum of food eater’s needs. The attentive staff always delivers with a smile that makes the experience even better. Don’t forget to ask about the soup of the day, it just might be your calling.


Brie on blackberry melt with pecans and mozzarella

Fork In The Road

The second stop of delectable bites led me to Fork In The Road where they serve some of Orlando food trucks only gourmet style dishes on-the-go. One thing that positively stood out was their video slideshow of their current menu items mounted on the side of the truck. These visuals help the indecisive greatly as the images speak for themselves. If you end up here feel free to ask for anything extra as they are more than accommodating and eager to hear your honest thoughts on how your food came out.

Mako Shark Tacos

Mako Shark Tacos

Tubby’s Ice Cream

With a little pouch still opened up in my gut it was easy to be attracted by the nitrogen infused smoke show around the corner of the lot. At Tubby’s you choose between original or mint cream in a medium 2-topping or large 3-topping serving. With an extensive list of toppings and sauces the power to create is in your hands. Select your perfect serving and they make the magic happen. It takes about a minute or two for them to harden and batter the cream altogether but the nitrogen infused-spectacle makes the wait more than satisfying. What turns out is a massive serving of refreshing sweetness to call your own.

Oreos and coconut. Goin' tropical on ya

Oreos and coconut. Goin’ tropical on ya


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