Burger Wars Near One of the Top Colleges in Florida


Inside The OMG!

Over the weekend I was dreaming about burgers all day long. No fast food would do the trick so I knew I’d be torn between two colossal burger havens, local grub favorite Oblivion Taproom or new Florida-based franchise Burger 21 that has just hit the streets of UCF. What I set myself up for was two days of burger wars near one of the top colleges in Florida.

Oblivion Taproom

My first burger challenge brought me to the grub and pub halls of Oblivion Taproom. A local favorite, this taproom offers 40 rotating beers on tap along with an extensive bottled list to explore through. Soon as I walk in it’s smelling good. Immediately I notice The Misfits flag, skeleton paintings, and Johnny Cash poster in the back. right then I knew I liked the vibe here.

Looking at the burgers on the menu a couple things quickly grabbed my attention:

1. Vegetarian and vegan friends can join the burger chow-down.

  • At no charge you can choose between a vegetarian black bean patty or vegan falafel patty

2. The Pretzel Burger

  • Topped with gooey cheese sauce on a warm pretzel bun, this titan was enjoyed with a plate full of tater tots and a side of caraway beer mustard for a taste that I never wanted to go away.


Oblivion Taproom gives you an experience. Stay awhile and see what’s on tap, challenge your friends to a game of darts or some free pool. A serious pub with even more serious grub, Oblivion is a certain belly-buster that will cure your burger cravings and make you feel like the best nap ever is on its way. For more of their selection check their menu

Burger 21

One day passed and my burger senses were still tingling. So I take a shorter trip to Burger 21 and see how they get beefy. Barely a mile down University Blvd. from UCF, Burger 21 caters more to the passing students of UCF and the local families in the area. Much brighter and less noisy, this burger haven does without set servers and turns their bar into a craft milkshake stand. This vegetarian and gluten-free friendly eatery offers an incredible black bean burger as well as feautures like the Tex-Mex Haystack. Wasting no time I went for “The OMG”, there double-stacked burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion, applewood-smoked bacon, American, cheddar or Swiss cheese, on a toasted brioche bun. Before it even comes out things get good. Make a sharp left and behold the sauce bar. With everything from the classics to thai ketchup, marshmallow, and apple cider sauce for free, you end up experimenting a lot just for fun. The visual below says it all, not much else besides it was huge, it was delicious, and it was juicy. There’s so much more I just couldn’t have made room to get so try it yourself. Check out the beefiness and craft milk shakes here


Unfortunately I could not claim a true champion of this Orlando burger war. Both titans, both masters in there own right, Oblivion and Burger 21 each have their own niche. Depending on your own style and who your’e going to bring to eat, each burger palace has the variety and culture to suit any foodie’s eating needs.


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