How to Make the American Flag Cake: Click any pic for details


So there’s two days left until the 4th of July. If you’re trying to do a little extra something try being a patriot. Make an American Flag Cake that’ll spangle your stars. Baked food you won’t wanna miss out on.

We're Calling Shenanigans!

The 4th of July is this week! We’re so ready- fireworks, grilling, sparklers… color us patriotic!

As the big day draws closer, our Pinterest newsfeed has been bombarded with red, white and blue crafts and recipes. As we were looking for something to try, our friend the Cooking Queen posted this jaw dropping flag cake from Betty Crocker. A hidden American flag inside of a cake sounded AWESOME, but also a little too good to be true, so (of course) we had to call shenanigans. Although it did take some time and effort, our flag cake turned out pretty awesome!

 American Flag Cake  American Flag Cake Betty Crocker

Our Version                                            Pinterest Version

First we gathered out ingredients:

2 Boxes of white cake mix
1 Container of icing (vanilla/white icing looks best)
Red food coloring…

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