Day Trips in New England: Nicks Roast Beef


Fun fact about Massachusetts, they love roast beef. The greater Boston area is swarmed with roast beef shops near every corner. Apart from the franchises and sub-par spots is Nicks Roasts Beef. With the slogan “We’re the Only One”, this roast beef original was key for one of my day trips in New England.

A couple of days after landing in Boston I walked up the front of Nicks Roast Beef in Beverly, Mass. My girlfriend and everyone she knew led me here without a second thought. Having opened its doors back in 1975, this family business is still under the same ownership that has driven Nicks to success.


The menu has plenty to drool over but I couldn’t ignore what makes Nicks famous. My best advice for a first timer, make your roast beef ‘Super’ and bring cash. After that you can pick through an array of sides like blank and blank or customize the sauces and toppings on your beef. With no distractions aside from the photo filled walls of global travelers carrying the Nicks blue bumper sticker, all there is left to enjoy is your happy plate of food.



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