Lunch in Orlando at Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sanwhicheria


Fate smacked me in the pucker last morning. I made a bold drive downtown-Orlando at 7:30 am for a media conference I wasn’t registered for and my last UCF semester schedule depended on it. Long story short I came out triumphant, in more ways than one. I got in, handled my intern credit assignment and got out.

What happened next was a snowball effect of delicious proportions. I went to my good friend Tyler’s crib to pick up some stuff from his apartment and walked out of there for an early lunch in Orlando. Tyler, his two roomates and I cruised to Pom Pom’s Teahouse and Sandwicheria with major excitement and little knowledge of the mass delight ahead. Tucked away in a small scale plaza on Bumby Ave., this local hangout can fill up for any lunch break during the work week. As soon as we walked in, BOOM! this place is cool, no denying it. Immediately your eyes are drawn to the walls. Splashed with color all around, you’d probably start checking out all the local art for sale from corner to corner.  From a Zeus-inspired baboon god to an albino alligator priest that smokes cigarettes it’s safe to say Pom Pom’s is different. But rarely has different ever tasted this good for me. East meets West with themed gourmet sandwiches and loose leaf teas transpired from owner and Thai native Pom Moongauklang.

  • take one of these guys home witchyo’ punkass


Rolling with a couple of vegans it might seem difficult to get bad-ass grub at a place where they can truly enjoy but Orlando has plenty to cover that. They had beautiful looking vegan sandwiches while I was presented with Mama Ling-Ling’s Thanksgiving sandwich:

  • turkey, ginger cranberry-chutney, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gouda, cream cheese and a side of gravy stuffed neatly with bread choices of sourdough, pumpernickle, seeded rye or whole wheat

The menu has so much to offer and all the people that work there are so damn nice you just get happy. I mean the minute after we were greeted and seated our server offered samples of Island Punch, the tea of the day. The atmosphere is great to just settle-back and kick it while you await your food. Plenty to look at, free smells, alternative music and the assurance from there wall of awards that what you just ordered is going to make your day.

  • my awesome, filling, ingenius sammich that led to a sweet nap


  • gravy tends to bring smiles and happy plates whenever, wherever



  • Tyler’s bread full of veggies. It’s purrdy doe

Honestly one of the better things to ever been in my mouth and it was all because fate gave me a good hand as I tossed out out bed that morning. I was stuffed beyond belief from that one mother-lover alone, no side needed. I had myself for not taking one of their sweets back home with me but I was blinded my fullness. Next time the grapefruit-frosted cupcake is going inside me and I can’t wait to try the rest of their genius-minded gourmet sandwiches. To think one of the best Thanksgiving dishes and sandwiches period would be dreamt up by a wonderful mind from Thailand. Orlando has food and culture for days ladies and gents, get up, drive a bit with your friends and experience it for yourselves. It makes life in Central Florida a bit fuller and sweeter, especially at Pom Pom’s.

  • Save room for this ish! vanilla cake with grapefruit butter-cream frosting


67 N Bumby Ave, Orlando 32803

MON/TUES/WED: Open 11am to 10pm

THURSDAYS: Open until 5am

FRIDAY / SATURDAY – Open 24 Hours!
Starting at 11am Friday until Sunday 6pm


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