Spacebar, A Bar and Retro Arcade Playing Underground Music?


I’m probably just weird but I’m certain I grew up in the wrong decade. About everything related to personal interests and pop culture is connected to a different era. While your playing Call of Duty I’m on my Sega Genesis. If someone’s got Drake playing at their party, I’m celebrating A Tribe Called Quest’s records at my crib. You can go wait in a long line to pay  bar cover and I’ll take my ass where I can play free Donkey Kong as I sip my draft.

Whether your on the same page as me or believe yours truly is a big lame-O, it never hurts to try something new. It could end up being just the fun and change of pace you and the crew might need.  Just so happens my Orlando brothers and sisters that there’s a bar that is so different from the rest it might actually be really cool.

Alas we have Spacebar.


I came across Spacebar by chance pretty much. The first time I ever went to Tasty Tuesdays in the Milk District was the same day Spacebar greeted me. Following my food truck pals to a table, I was invited by the tunes from classic reggae and underground music records that stack along the wall. Spin your head and you may find Spaceballs playing on the TV screens above the shelves of craft drafts. With local art and a retro arcade (no tokens needed), Spacebar has become a tight-knit home for people who enjoy a fresh experience with old classics.



The beer selection is pretty good and everything is bottled or canned. The craft beer selection isn’t huge but it caters to most beer drinkers palettes. If all else fails, there’s Coca-Cola classic glass-bottled for utter refreshment. You won’t feel crammed or rushed here. There’s no cover to come in and drink and the prices are more than reasonable. Pair that with free-play on gems like Marvel vs Capcom, Galaga, Donkey Kong and South Park pinball and that’s how you get yo’ buzz on.


Orlando might not seem like much apart from the tourist traps. Yet a bar like this shows so much culture that’s been here but can seem distant. Spacebar is a sip of nostalgia that brings you away from the realities outside the bar, bringing people together. It’s not like everywhere else and that’s exactly the preferred remedy.


2428 East Robinson Street, Orlando, Fl 32803

Open 5pm-2am


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