How To Keep Cool In Florida: Pineapple Limeade Slush With Guava Ice Cream


It’s  a mother-fudgin’ heatwave out in Florida and the we’re are melting as we check our mail. The late summer months  are extra brutal and the rest of the country must be sweating all the same. If we don’t keep our cool somehow, someway we’re going to catch that heat stroke, it’s that bad. But before you go sticking your head under a Slurpee machine to beat the heat, I concocted a how to keep cool refresher that is a pretty damn good recipe.

My college folk I feel ya on missing Mama’s recipes, the good ol’ days of being pampered with home made treats and no responsibility. It used to be hot days just like these were filled with fresh lemonade slush and strawberry smoothies by mama. Those treats always out-did any thank you that followed it so I wanted  to dedicate this lil’ tropical delight to you Mama, your inspiration has transpired into my pineapple limeade and guava ice cream slush recipe that saved my ass from overheating this summer.

The best thing aside from the deliciousness of the sweet-n-tang refreshment is how simple and cost effective it is. Just head to your neighborhood grocer and pick up these few ingredients:


Serving size: 8-10

  • A can of frozen limeade (from concentrate) found in the frozen fruits section
  • A small carton of Guava ice cream (or any sweet fruit flavor you want)
  • A liter or two of pineapple soda
  • 2 bottles of water
  • A fresh lemon

Step 1:

  • Dump the can of frozen limeade into a large bowl and pour the 2 bottles of water in with it
  • Just pop it in the freezer and give it about 2 1/2 hours or until desired slushiness

Step 2:

  • While waiting go ahead and thinly slice a lemon to garnish the glass
  • When the slush bowl is ready, put a thick layer of guava ice cream on top

Step 3:

  • Top it all off generously with the pineapple soda and stir it altogether until frothy
  • Serve it immediately after and you’re set!


With this aid you won’t catch that heat stroke and just generally feel happier about life. If pressed for time you can just make the punch and serve it chilled, it’s still real good and won’t end up staying slush anyways so either way you shall be golden. I know I will be making a lot more of these and trying out new refreshers to keep cool so stay tuned. Unfortunately it still feel’s like hell’s kitchen outside so new methods to keep cool are in order. Let us know how you keep cool in the summer sun and hopefully the next Happy Plate drink recipe will be one of yours!


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