Former UCF Knight Daunte Culpepper to Open New Restaurant by UCF Campus

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The greatest athlete UCF has ever seen gives back to his alma mater, adding restaurateur to his impressive Knighthood. Culpepper has recently vowed to rekindle tradition and pride to the Knights nation by building not just another sports bar, but an upscale sports dining experience. The place is located about a mile down campus on University Blvd. and is due for an August 28th opening.

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The project has materialized with the help from fellow former UCF quarterback Kyle Israel as well. Culpepper lends his big name attached to the front, while Israel, has the added pedigree of restaurateur and successful marketer. With the Knights starting their first season in the bigger American Athletic Conference, Culpeppers could definitely plant itself the spot if you don’t make it out to the game. Only time will tell as the soft opening rolls in and we all get the first glimpse.

It’s been a long time since Culpepper once went here and a lot has changed. With the university now holding the second largest student body in the nation and new housing being erected just across from where the restaurant is, the popularity will roll in. I haven’t come across a menu or what the beer selction is all going to be about but as soon as that pops off I will be sure to post it up ASAP. For now you can get a feel for Culpeppers by checking them through their social channels below:

Facebook here and Twitter updates here


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