Colombian Burger Joint Super Burger is UCF Ready


There are a lot of restaurants around the University of Central Florida but few cater to the college student cash flow. Down University Blvd., just across from campus, a bevy of corporate and franchised eateries pop up left and right serving same old Mexican-american dishes here and copy-cat bar menu’s that duplicate from one franchise grill and bar to the next. Venture just a bit further down University Blvd. and you’ll find Super Burger, a Colombian take on American fast food. Essentially, burgers and hot dogs throw on crispy chips and given more flavor with the help of house-made garlic, pineapple and rosada sauces painted over the meat. Exotic flavors added to beef up an already behemoth meal (the Colombians know our love for juicy gluttony).


Super Burger opened its doors about two months ago in the On Tap plaza at the intersection of University Blvd. and Dean. Though still a very new spot, I had been putting off coming to eat here for awhile so last night after class I just swooped in. The place has that good hole in the wall feel. It’s simple, comfortable, family-owned and runs by its own rules. “Check-in” on Facebook or tag Super Burger on Instagram and get 10% off, a college dream! As you go to order just ask for suggestions if you’re unsure, Jose or somebody else will lead you right to what’s best, and for me I was told it was the Super Mix.


Nothing like chicken on top of beef

Right now the menu breaks down like this:

Super Burgers: All burgers come loaded with lettuce, tomato, cheese, onions, crushed chips, ketchup, mustard, garlic, rosada and pineapple sauces




SuperMix(chicken and beef)-$7.50

Super Dogs: All dogs served with onions, cheese, crushed chips, garlic, rosada and pineapple sauce



Super Puppy-$3.00

Chori Dog-$5.50

Super Pinchos:

Steak or Chicken both $5.00 and comes with onions, red and green peppers with an arepa

Everything was delicious and the food is filling, really getting all the bang for that buck spent. Super Burger is perfect for anytime, staying open until 3 A.M. some nights. The prices are lower but the quality is high and nothing is more awesome than a hearty place like this open late. Adventurers, party people and stoner’s come one come all for that fourthmeal you deserve, the one that doesn’t involve Grade E beef for 99 cents. With the menu soon to expand, the next dishes will include an assortment of arepas, some with just cheese or stuffed with your choice of meat and cheese. It’s only a matter of time before Super Burger catches on with the UCF community, it’s exciting food you can count on at prices you can’t beat. Make sure to come through on Tuesdays because they have a ridiculous deal, burger, fries and a drink for just $5.00!

It’s something new, something out of the ordinary, making life in the area a bit better and less routine. Head out there and try Super Burger and send Happy Plate your photos and thoughts. Stay tuned for more updates on Super Burger to come soon!


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