The United States Falls to #2, Mexico Tops Obesity Charts


The fast-food originators, the titleholders of Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Competition, we have been dethroned. According to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization, a whopping 32.8% of obese Mexican adults has surpassed the United States  31.8% of obese adults. Mexico’s lower house of Congress has approved new taxes on high calorie food and drinks in order to combat the nation’s new crown of obesity. What’s meant to be a step forward has resulted in serious uproar. The middle class and mom and pop shop business are crying for justice.

THE GOOD: The obvious health benefits of hindering junk food consumption

THE BAD: The working middle class gets screwed

Convenience stores and restaurant owners rely on the sales of sodas and high calorie food snacks to operate for end’s meat. These detrimental taxes can result in a loss of jobs and put a final close to many mom and pop businesses.

The fiscal package may deter the purchase of such high calorie foods and drinks but does little to inform the masses of the health related issues.  Bad habits die hard. No matter the price you put on certain things, people are going to find a way to get it.

via latimes


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