Orlando Eats: Tasty Wok

I’m a self-entitled Chinese culture expert. I’m a full-blooded Puerto Rican who was born, raised and only resided within South and Central Florida. But after watching half of Jet Li’s filmography and having seen Rush Hour 2 for the millionth time I should be worthy of understanding what Chinese food is all about don’t you say? Now about 70% of that is total bullshit but the other 30% seems true to me. I pride myself on knowing what foods, flags, and languages our world has to offer more than the next man. However, when it comes to Orlando Eats I’m a man of referrals and trusting like-minded individuals. When I asked my boy Javi (Sous Chef at the restaurant we work at) what Chinese in Orlando was best, he was quick to preach Tasty Wok. I was really sold on Tasty Wok when Javi told me that it was Chef John’s local spot. Chef John was the executive chef when I got hired. He was from Singapore and sadly hadn’t been back in about 20 years. Fortunately, Chef John has recently revisited his stomping grounds, but the moral of the story is that while he was stuck in Orlando, Tasty Wok was his “noodle home”. I didn’t need more convincing so I quickly recruited my lovely partner in feast, my girlfriend, for a dinner date along Mills Ave.

Orlando Eats

Before I even figured what to order I knew I had come to the right place, a place where my Chinese food palette had not truly been before. The atmosphere was lit like a diner, surrounded by oriental family feasts and the sweet smell of pork. The menu was lengthy, causing me to become overwhelmed because when everything sounds so good at a new place its hard to make that first timer’s debut order the best. My advice, stick to what meat or protein you are craving most and switch things up with an appetizer, soup, or side order to add variety.

APPETIZER: Char Siu Pork (Sliced Roast Pork)

Orlando Eats

Orlando Eats

Tasty Wok IS a “noodle house” so we stuck to their claim to fame.

MAIN DISHES: Singapore Rice Noodle with Curry and Roast Pork Lo Mein

Orlando Eats

The prices seem reasonable in comparison to what most people are blowing on anything at Applebees but the quantity exceeds its pricing. I’m talking a single order would probably feed 2-3 mouths craving authentic Chinese food. Tasty Wok puts your local takeout and buffet joint to shame, I can’t wait to go back to learn and try more. Pick from noodle soups, congee, pan-fried noodles, and rice dishes for your fill at Tasty Wok. If there’s one thing about Chinese food in the states I know for sure is that the less white people the better. You really can’t reach more authenticity than that.

Tasty Wok: BBQ & Noodle House: 1246 E. Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32803

Monday thru Sunday




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