Wawa: Code for Easy Breakfast

America, a nation of work-horses rushing to punch-in on the clock. We ain’t got time for healthy-eating habits and fresh pancakes in the morn’. We’re on the move and corporate America is right there with us. Enter Wawa, the touchscreen breakfast recipe for the working man (and woman).

easy breakfast

I had gone long enough without stepping foot inside one, but I could’nt escape the inevitable. All the fuss about the gas station/convenience store revolves around its niche, freshly-baked hoagies made to order on a touch screen. Gas station = delicious fresh food right? well, that’s why I avoided the hype for so long. Still, I decided to put my arrogance aside and hop my ass out of bed for some breakfast at Wawa. As I pressed on in my first thoughts were “DAMN, this place is nice”.  High ceilings with lots of large windows made the clean-industrial look of the place the antithesis of your neighborhood convenience store. Before I did any more sightseeing I had a hunger to be satisfied.

easy breakfast

easy breakfast

Ordering is simple and straightforward: go to one of the many touchscreens, make your meal selection, customize it, print out your order number, pay at the register as you wait for your food.

easy breakfast

The hard part is narrowing down all the options you have, hoagies, breakfast bowls, or burritos. That’s only the start, choosing the breakfast hoagies, your choices sum up to be 10 deli classics with scrambled eggs on top. After that, customize away down to the amount of mayo you’d like or what kind of peppers you want.

easy breakfast

While waiting I recommend free-sampling as much coffee as your caffeine dreams desire. Overall, a great experience (minus me thinking an Italian Hoagie with eggs was my best ). Everything was fresh, service was great, and the prices are very fair.

easy breakfast


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