Orlando Food Trucks: Louie’s Bistro

A step towards finer culinary showmanship in the Orlando Food Truck scene comes by way of a Jersey native. Chef Louie of Louie’s Bistro keeps the family fire burning with his self-taught culinary passions. Orlando foodies are lucky to have Louie nearby putting quality on wheels. Among the pig-out behemoths and specialty items attributed to many food truckers, Louie’s Bistro tailors to many fine tastes.

Louie's Bistro

From Kingston’s shores to  the swampy bayous, it’s hard to pick a destination for the mouth to visit. I had the pleasure of paying for my Fried Shrimp Po’ Boy topped  w/lettuce, tomato, cilantro and twisted sauce remoulade on the truck’s frequent station during Tasty Tuesday’s at The Milk District.  Fresher, neater and more distinct than the rest my only regret was getting full from one.



This is merely a teaser.Follow the bistro and get your fill.


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